Adult Bible Classes

We offer two Bible class times church wide:
on Sunday mornings at 9:40am and Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm.
These are times to not only grow deeper in our knowledge of who Christ is, but deeper in relationships with one another.
Below are the current classes being offered:

Sunday Morning Classes

College (B200)

Students 18 thru early-20's
Series: "Government in Christianity"
Led by Trey & Tonya Thornton

Young Professionals (C203)

Young adults in their 20's & 30's
Series: "Didn't See It Coming"
Led by George Lamberth

Seekers (C202)

Adults with young children
Series: "Creation"
Led by Michael Dyke

Son Rise (B203)

Ages 40's-60's
Series: "Abracadabra! How Did He Do That?!?: A Study of Jesus' Miracles"
Led by Des Steyn & Dennis Tom

Journey (Worship Center)

Ages 60's and older
Series: "Titus: Teaching a Teacher"
Led by Bob Mullen

Deaf Ministry (B202)

Class for those involved in the Deaf Ministry
Led by Jesse Neal

Faithful Families (C201)

Adults with preteens/teens/college students
Series: "Ruth"
Led by Various Teachers

Fellowship (Lecture Hall)

Ages 50's and older
Series: "Job: A Man of Heroic Endurance"
Led by Various Teachers

Croft Class (D108)

Multi-generational Class
Series: "I & II Peter: The Grace of God"
Led by Steve Croft

Financial Peace (C200)


Class for those seeking biblical financial stability. Meets Sundays, 9:30-11:30am. Register at:
Led by Jeremy & Melissa Garner

Wednesday Night Classes

Young Professionals

Series: Various Studies

Deaf Ministry

Study for those involved in the Deaf Ministry

Bible Class

Lecture Hall
Series: The Minor Prophets

Women's Study

Series: "Love Letters: A Study of Pauline Letters, Galatians-II Thessalonians

Men's Study

Informal group, discussion format