Weather Policy


To ensure the safety of the members of the Legacy Church of Christ, services may be canceled or postponed due to bad weather or other disturbances, according to the following:

Decision to Cancel Services

  • The Elders of the Month will confer and make the decision to cancel services based on weather forecasts.
  • The decision will be made at least 2 hours prior to the start of the scheduled services.

Communication of Decision

Once the decision is made, the following methods will be used to communicate the cancellation

  • Update website with Special Announcement on home page.
  • Alerting TV Stations to include church name in scrolling list. This requires a designated party to inform TV Stations
  • Email using existing distribution lists (Daily Bulletin, Youth distribution list, Small Groups, Facebook)
  • Placement of notices on main entrances of the building
  • Call any elder or minister for an update

Communication of Policy

  • Church members will be encouraged to monitor the website, email and television during bad weather in anticipation of the decision to cancel services. Any notice to cancel services will be available within 2 hours prior to the start of the service.

Decision to Cancel Office Operation

  • The decision to cancel or postpone usual office hours will coincide with the weather decision of the Birdville ISD.
  • Staff and ministers will watch local news media for the announcement of Birdville’s actions.

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