Resources during COVID-19

Stay Connected while Social Distancing

COVID-19 has changed a lot of our routines and social lives, which is why it is more crucial than ever we strive to remain connected  despite being distant physically. Here you will find many ways and resources to stay connected relationally and spiritually as we continue to honor God and love our neighbors. 
Join us Sunday mornings @10:45am for Live Worship!
Stay connected while social distancing! Join an online community group for a weekly time of prayer and encouragement. Learn more here.
The Legacy Student Ministry serves middle school & high school students and their families. Resources specifically for this time and "While We Are Away" can be found on the LSM App.
The Legacy Kids Ministry serves our children Birth-6th Grade and their families. New lessons and resources are posted each week on the Children's website page.
The Legacy Senior Adults Ministry seeks to serve the older members in our community, particularly during this vulnerable season. To learn ways to better serve the elderly in this time, contact our Senior Adults Minister here.
Help feed families! Legacy is partnering with the Community Enrichment Center (CEC) in NRH to provide assistance during this season. Learn more here.
Contact our Community Minister here to learn more  ways you can serve.

Additional Resources

RightNow Media is a web-based library of church video content, including Bible studies and children's programming. (Request log-in here.)
Bible Project provides free Bible videos, podcasts, & resources to help people experience the story of the Bible. Check out their Read Scripture App.
The Hills Church hosts a Daily Prayer Time every morning at 8:30am via livestream. Start your day off  in worship, tuned in with others from around the world!
Unite714 is a movement to join churches globally in united prayer. Pray the weekly prayer at 7:14 am/pm as we pray for healing and a spiritual awakening!
Listen to some of our favorite worship songs, specifically created to uplift and encourage your family during this time!
Sign-up here to receive daily inspirational thoughts from "The One Year Devotional of Joy and Laughter" by Mary Hollingsworth.