Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Legacy Missions Vision

  • Increase involvement of Legacy members in short-term missions to encourage missional living at home
  • Develop, train and send “home grown” missionaries to the mission field
  • Support the planting of self-sustaining churches that share the vision of spreading the gospel in their community
  • Support ministries that teach, disciple and train foreign nationals to evangelize their people groups
  • Support ministries that provide medical, benevolence and humanitarian aid in the name of Jesus

Active Missionaries

Local & US

Jonathan Stein

Contact Church of Christ
Tulsa, OK

Marvin and Gisela Tercero

Siempre Familia Iglesia de Cristo
Fort Worth, TX

Rob and Denyce Hindman

1st Century Church of Christ
Reno, NV

South America

Central America

Donaldo and Daysi Enamorado
Eduardo and Cindy Gonzales

Campamento Church of Christ
Campamento, Honduras

Phil and Donna Waldron

Mission UpReach

Javier Leon

International Center for Christian Leadership

New Zealand

David and Olivia Nelson

Tauranga, New Zealand

Nathan and Sara Zinck

O Caminho Uma Igtzeja de Cristo
Niteroi, Brazil 


Body and Soul Ministries (BandS)

Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Worldwide

Patinya and Penjai Thitathan

Bangkok, Thailand

Mark Hooper

Mission Resource Network
Bengal Initiative Director

Jace and Rebekah Allen

Kyle and Rebecca Hooper

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Tree of Life



Charles and Darlene Coulston

Made in the Streets
Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. Kent and Amber Brantly

Mukinge Mission Hospital

Elijah and Kristen Peters
Justin and Jennifer Cherry

Discovery Church of Christ
Auckland, New Zealand


Brandon and Katie Price

Ukraine Bible Institute
Kyiv, Ukraine

Bogdan and Olya Bagdasarov

Kharkov, Ukraine

Nathan and Michelle Weber

Athens, Greece

Phil and Rebekah Jackson

Athens, Greece

Eastern European Mission

In addition to the works listed worldwide, Legacy members are active in short term missions, youth mission trips, World Bible School, and FriendSpeak. 

Legacy Missions Ministry Team Members

Richard and Joanna Ashlock, Philip and Jocelyn Boyer, Paul and Andrea Brightwell, John Paul Brownlow, Bill Crawford, Bill and Elaine Lawrence, Bruce  Morgan, Rick and Brenda Morgan, Randall and Celice Roseberry, Jim and Nancy Snelson,  David Watson

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